How to Send a Dropbox File in Facebook Messenger

Share Dropbox file feature in Facebook Messenger bring convenience for users. Just install two apps: Dropbox and Messenger, you can share the data stored in Dropbox for friends instantly. This is a feature only on Messenger, and with other chat apps such as Viber or Skype software are not available.

Dropbox is the most popular online storage service. With capacity up to GB, Facebook Messenger integrates Dropbox file sharing in chat window gives you more options to send files with larger size.

To use Dropbox, you need sign up Dropbox to own a free account with 2GB data. Then just download the file to Dropbox and access Facebook Messenger (If you haven’t had facebook account, register facebook to chat free) to experience this feature.

Note: Currently users only send, share Dropbox file in Facebook Messenger app on phone.

Facebook Messenger is an popular OTT app with large users. You can download Facebook Messenger for your mobile device. Using Facebook, you should use the group call feature in Messenger to chat with your friends as if you are sitting directly together.

Dropbox is a famous cloud storage service. Similar to Facebook Messenger, Dropbox also has apps for mobile.

How to Send a Dropbox File in Facebook Messenger

Step 1: Sign in Facebook Messenger -> At Facebook Messenger chat window, select “” icon to open Facebook Messenger apps. If your phone haven’t installed Dropbox, click Setup.

Step 2: After install Dropbox, go back to step 1 -> Click on Dropbox (In Dropbox already contains data to send) -> Select the file need to send.

Step 3: After select file need to send -> File in Dropfile will be sent to Facebook Messenger -> Wait for completion -> Choose Send or Cancel

So you have sent successfully. Your friend will receive the message and click to see or download file to phone. You can also open at the interface of chat window in Messenger.

Above, has instructed you how to share Dropbox files via Facebook Messenger. This feature is quite useful for someone who often store files, images, sounds on online storage service.

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