How to play Chess on Facebook Messenger

Chess is the world’s leading intellectual game, now available on the Facebook Messenger app. Watch the tutorial on how to play chess on Facebook Messenger.

Unlike the free chess apps, chess on Facebook Messenger has a different way of playing. The Chess application on iOs has the same realistic chess gameplay. Chess on Facebook Messenger has a way of playing with the message syntax: @fbchess

However, to invite friends to play chess you should be alert, because this new utility is easily mistaken for the virus.

How to play Chess on Facebook Messenger


The first, login to Facebook

Choose which you want to play the same chess -> Enter syntax @fbchess

Symbols represent the chess pieces (always need capital letters)

K (King): King of armies.

Q (Queen): Greatness.

B (Bishop): The statue.

N (Knight): Code.

R (Rook): Army car.

P (Pawn): Good soldiers.

Some Essential Defenses

@fbchess play: Invite to play chess.

@fbchess play white / black: Invite to play chess and take the initiative to choose white / black.

@fbchess Pe4: Good armament on column e, row 4.

@fbchess Nbd2: Take the column heading to column d, row 2.

@fbchess R2xc2: Use your troops in the 2nd row to eat enemy troops standing in column c, row 2.

@fbchess 0-0-0: Set up the defending side of the militia.

@fbchess O-O: Set up the defense of the king.

@fbchess show: Bring the chessboard to play after a chat time if not finished.

@fbchess undo: Request to withdraw water – Accept withdrawal request.

@fbchess draw claim: Offer to draw a match.

@fbchess draw offer: Get the match proposal.

@fbchess resign: Please lose.

@fbchess stats: View statistics between 2 players.

@fbchess help: See the chess chess handbook on Facebook Messenger.

With these syntax, you are able to match chess with your friends. Also, you should hide Facebook Messenger nick to maximize the maximum, not be bothered to play chess with friends.

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