Leave group chat on Facebook

The way to leave Facebook group chat below will helps you leave group chat when you don’t want to be in group chat on Facebook. Besides, when using Skype or Viber, you can also leave group chat easily.

Facebook Messenger is quite popular chat app on Facebook. You can play games, make group call on Messenger…specially group call feature on Messenger is a lot of users love to use.

You are too familiar with leaving group chat on Yahoo, Skype,… that you don’t like. But to leave conversation on Facebook Messenger is not as simple. Following the post below of hotmailloginnow.com to know how to do.

How to Leave group chat on Facebook

Way 1: When you receive a message in a strange group chat on Facebook, open the group chat window and click on cogwheel icon (⚙) and select Leave conversation.

Way 2: Open the group chat window that you are invited to, click to go to homepage of the chat. Click on cogwheel icon ⚙ and select Leave conversation.

A window appear, select Leave conversation.

With just a few simple steps, you can leave group chat. Good luck!

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