How do I know if the receiver has read my email?

How do I know if the recipient has opened my email? This is a question many people want to know when sending out an email. If you want to know, follow this way!

To keep track of an open email, we use a tool called Hubspot Sales. Hubspot Sales allows you to track 200 free send out emails before upgrading to paid.

Note: Hubspot Sales only supports Google Chrome and can only be used on email services: Gmail, Outlook / Hotmail.

How to set up outgoing email tracking for Gmail

Step 1: Open this link to install add-on Hubspot Sales. Click Add to Chrome, then continue to press “Add Extension” to confirm the add-on setting.

Step 2: After installing the Hubspot Sales add-on, you will be taken to the account registration page to use Hubspot Sales. You enter the necessary information to register.

Note: The email used to register a Hubspot Sales account does not need to use the email you want to track outgoing mail.

Step 3: After installing the Hubspot Sales add-on and registering, when you access Gmail, you will be asked “Would you like to enable Hubspot Sales?” You press Enable to agree to enable.

Step 4: Continue to click Got it to finish.

Step 5: Each time you send a new email, there is an option that is to track outgoing messages with Hubspot Sales (top right corner of the email compose frame). You only need to click in this section to be able to know whether the recipient has opened his email.

To track outbound email you visit this link and log in with the Hubspot Sales account you created above. The messages have been opened will be notified Opened and messages have not been opened will be notified Not opened.

Good luck!!!

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