How to add a file from DropBox to Gmail messages

Attach files from Dropbox to Gmail messages. This trick will be very useful for those of you choosing Dopbox as the primary cloud storage service.

Similar to send attachments via Gmail with Google Drive, sending attachments via Gmail with Dropbox also helps you to send large files via Gmail up to 2 GB. If you are using Dropbox to store your personal documents & files online, this tip will help you to share extremely large files.

How to Attach Dropbox files into Gmail

Note: This tip applies only to Google Chrome web browser. When applicable on other web browsers I will update.

Step 1: Click on this link.

Step 2: Click Add to Chrome.

Step 3: Select Add extension.

Wait for a moment and you’ll see the Dropbox for Gmail notification added to Chrome.

Step 4: Now you will see the Dropbox icon in the new compose window. You can attach files on Dropbox by clicking on this icon and logging in your account, then select the attachment.

Good luck!!!

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