Top features of Facebook Messenger you should know

Synthesis all of the features on Facebook Messenger is summarize all of the features on chat software of Facebook. Referring the following post of to know these features. They are useful if you use Facebook regularly.

Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s free messaging and calling software. To use Facebook Messenger on Android, iOS operating system, requires you to download Facebook Messenger. The features on Facebook Messenger are a lot of users love, use.

Using Facebook Messenger software, users can make a group call to communicate with many people, service in learning, work. Facebook Messenger group call also is just one of many useful features on this software. Read the following post to know all the features of Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is an popular OTT app in the world. In the world it is used by FB users to make call, message to each other via their FB accounts.

Features of Facebook Messenger

  • Voice call and video call

This is a basic feature that most used on Facebook Messenger just after text message feature. Voice call and video call is also easy, with a click of mouse you can call to your friends. Moreover, call on Facebook Messenger feature is also free.

  • Share current location

This is a feature that you can share you location with other users on Facebook. To use this feature, you must turn on positioning function.  Then click on location icon (down arrow), you will be able to send you location map to Facebook users; In case you don’t want to locate you can turn off your Facebook location. If you don’t turn off Facebook location, the 3G capacity on your phone will be deducted.

  • Add ‘Nickname’

This feature is relatively new on Facebook Messenger. It’s often used in group chat to make assignments easier. Or can also be used to put funny nicknames. You just click on “!” and select Edit Nicknames. Then type nickname for friend. This is one of the ways to change the name on Facebook Messenger that is updated by the developer.

  • Play chess on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger increasingly support more entertaining games on message software. For entertainment, a chess game will be even better. To invite friend to play chess, you enter @fbchess play into Messenger chat box. To moves on the chessboard, enter @fbchess e4 or corresponding boxes.

  • Send money, receive money

This can be considered one of the lastest feature on Facebook Messenger. Send money feature was update on April 13th and will not cost you money.

  • Turn off notifications.

Turn off notifications is a way that helps you avoid being bothered in group meetings, Facebook Messenger chat room. After a long discussion, your chat group tends to turn a “mini market” to discuss everything in the world. Therefore, turn off notifications will keep you from being bothered by those spam messages.

  • Message requests.

These are the messages that the sender isn’t in your friend list. Therefore, most of these messages are not displayed in your Facebook inbox. To check these messages, you must select Message Requests to read all of these messages.

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